Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday is for Making

So, this week I’m organising things here at The MacsX, even looking at name changes.  And a some simple branding changes.
I’m restructuring, or should I say finalising the structure of my blog.  I’ve been examining why I set this blog up in the first place  - ultimately it was to decompartmentalise everything and to make a difference.

As of now, Monday is for Making.  I love checking out all the creatives over at Handmade Monday, and I love being creative and working on building my Portfolio and increasing the stock in my Etsy Shop.  Giving some focus to all this on a Monday can only add positives – structure – dedicated time – consistency.

I’m hoping you’ll be encouraged to stop by and see what’s going on.
This week I’m loving the latest Crafty, I feel like I truly know a whole lot of the contributors this month.  If I were to get published in one Craft focused magazine this would definitely be my first choice.  And I’m working on some more Unique Ribbon Jewellery, using this and next seasons key colours.

And so –

To work.

Happy Monday



  1. I love all the different colours in your ribbon jewellery. They do look quite summery to me.

    1. Thanks Stephen - it seems the orange is forecast to make it into the Autumn/Winter scheme of things. Anything to keep things bright. Cx

  2. What a fantastic idea to make jewellery from ribbons, they look really nice. I love Handmade Monday too - it gives me so much inspiration.

    1. Thanks Lucy, it's amazing how much inspiration is out there. Cx

  3. You jewellery looks stunning. Lovely to see you back on the blogging scene. Good luck with your Monday is for Making.

    1. Thanks, it's good to be back, taking things one day at a time. Cx



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