Friday, 28 June 2013

Friday will be Fashionably and Authentically Fit

Introducing Alice
Friday is going to be Fashionably and Authentically fit from here on in.
When I initially started The MacsX I had an Ebay shop featuring quality recycled fashion, the true intention was to 'upcycle' rather than recycle  wanted to add my own twist, but never quite got round to doing that.   Whilst I had rave reviews  for the quality of the pieces and for my customer service there was always something missing.  The customisation, the upcycling and the styling.  So I closed the shop and whilst I still love shopping for pieces for myself that was as far as it went.

In keeping with using what I've got and doing what I 'say' on a Friday I'm going to feature some authentic fashion.  And I'm going to start with me.
'Alice' is my mannequin.  She didn't actually have a name until we moved house last year and the removal man asked where I wanted to 'put Alice'.  One of the pieces I had used when covering my mannequin, on the right hip, was for 'Naughty Alice' he just read that and so the mannequin with no name has been 'Alice' ever since.  Over the next few weeks I'll be using Alice to restyle my wardrobe and to use my creativity to do some upstyling.  After all if I can't do it for myself how can I be expected to help anyone else.   So Fashionably and Authentically Fit starts here.

Fitting Authentically is a whole other side of the coin and one that I'll cover on another day.

Keeping my phone handy to keep updated and 
a little glass of wine to start off the weekend.
Have a great one


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