Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tuesday is for Tuning In

To the “Invisible Stuff”

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.
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There are few phrases more frustrating than “I can understand how  frustrating this may seem”.  Feel the double whammy of the slap in the face when closely followed by “these tests have come back negative so we can rule out serious illness a, b, and c”.  In the meantime life has been on hold for the best (or worst) part of a year or more as it would seem every life threatening illness has been eliminated.  And still the pain and suffering continues.  I don't say this to look for sympathy I say it to emphasise the futility of dealing with physical conditions with a psychological base.

 Given a name for our condition 'pseudo seizures', but no guide to treatment, I finally done what I had avoided for so long - I googled it.  
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There was a whole minefield of information, some disturbing, some completely negative and pitiful and some positive and helpful.

One of the best pieces I viewed was on You Tube by a girl named Laura, who has been very brave in sharing her experiences.

Is it just me, or is there an overwhelming need to put a label on things?  Rather than actually dealing with symptoms and getting on with some healing, labelling seems to be key.  One of the pieces I read focused mainly 
on naming the condition and whether or not names were suitable.

Personally I believe that 'Pseudo Seizures' is a misnomer as there is nothing 'pseudo' (artificial or false) about these episodes. 

One thing that rang alarm bells throughout my look around the net was the length of time it seemed to take to figure out what the underlying symptoms really were  - yet this does not seem to be a complete unknown.

It is a sad reflection of modern life that more and more people suffer these 'invisible' conditions and they seem to be hitting them younger and younger.      Not wanting to seem like an old twat but I think the pic I seen recently on facebook sums up the whole information overload.
Via Scottish and Proud

I believe that the more we talk about the 'invisible', unexplained and misunderstood workings of the human mind the more we will come to understand it and perhaps be able to focus on treatment rather than labels.

Apologies if this seemed like a bit of a ramble.  Sometimes it helps to put a whole load of 'stuff' out there to find some clarity.  Hopefully in tuning in on the coming Tuesdays things will become clearer and life simpler.

Here's to a mindful and peaceful week


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