Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wishcasting on WHENsday

Pondering over which one to pin at I Am The Lab, resisting the urge to pin all - it suddenly struck me it's WHENsday.

I just love the whole I AM THE LAB concept

Wishcasting on WHENsday
Storytelling for Change

I originally started writing this post a few weeks ago.  I had planned on tying together the Storytelling for Change Labs I've been doing and what I really want The MacsX to be.

As I put my necklace on this morning I had that ‘aha’ moment.  That’s the story I want to tell.  What I like to call the story of WHEN.

I’m sitting on the top deck of a London bus looking through the window.  And then I stop looking through and start looking in.  Etched in the window is the word WHEN.  And it’s as if that window is speaking to me – bear in mind that I am on the edge of a major melt down – WHEN?  When does my life start? when do I get what I want? When do I get off?(and I don’t mean the bus).  There were a whole host of other questions that really needed to be asked.  But it was if I were hearing my own voice for the first time in a very long time.  Really hearing me. And really recognising that I was not happy with my lot – sure I had loads to be grateful for but I hadn’t found ‘it’.  What I wanted to be when I grew up – ‘happy’.  That one word etched in the window in August 2004 was the beginning of a monumental journey, which I take a new step on each day.  I am Catherine McAtier and in finding my authenticity I hope to light the way for others.  And NOW is WHEN.

That was how the day started then life took over and I got kind of derailed.  This is the first Wednesday in what seems like forever I've been able to get back to focusing on the MacsX.

Working my way through my Feedly stuff I was delighted to see my #ImaPiece jigsaw piece included in the Craftivist Collective post today.  My piece is end right on the middle row.

My contribution to #imapiece

And the when messages just keep on coming, I especially love the 'dispel the "I'll be happy when..." myth' over at Kind Over Matter This  was posted on Monday but I'm playing Feedly catch up today.

So, today I'm finally getting back to some semblance of order - and getting to use what I've got.  I have a whole host of info on Feedly, I seem to be finding pins worth looking at over on Pinterest and I'm looking forward to getting my Etsy Shop back on track with a new improved look (more later...).

And finally over at Jamie Ridler Studios it's back to Wishcasting Wednesday - Today's prompt is What Do You Wish to ....

Me, I want to discover my Authentic Life, I've been doing some work in the background between life's interruptions and hope to put all my discoveries together very soon.  So far my moon board is kind of moon oriented but over the next week or so I'm hoping to add some wishes.
In the meantime I wish everything my fellow wishcasters wish for themselves and may they discover their wishes in the way and at a time that is best for them.

Today is a Good Whensday



  1. Yes could relate to you wish of wanting to discover ones authentic life. A lovely powerful wish. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  2. Yes! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for you.

  3. As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you too!

  4. Working in the background of life's interruptions... yes, that happens. I wholly support your wish to live your Authentic Life (capital A, capital L). As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.



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