Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday is for ...

Wishcasting on WHENsday

Just because I'm re-organising doesn't mean everything has to change.  I like the idea of Wednesday Wishcasting and so popping over to Jamie Ridler studios on a Wednesday for now is a keeper. Albeit Jamie seems to be short, or late on wishes today.

I'd already chosen my wish for this week without a prompt - I found it via the OCG project with an edited version of Bob Perks 'I wish you enough'

From TheOCGProject

I am learning daily about the beauty of enough, and wish everyone enough. This past year my son has been suffering from, what we now know to be, pseudo seizures.  They are scary enough to watch and I can only try to imagine how scary it is on the other side of them.  We had a really good day at the beginning of last week where he got up, and went for a walk round the park before going to school.  I had been giving some thought to defining happy - and that was 'enough'.  My hopes and wants have scaled back tremendously over this past year.  To have some happy, healthy, quality time with family - that is ENOUGH - in fact it felt almost overwhelmingly more so.

May all your wishes be cast into the world and bring back ENOUGH.



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