Monday, 27 May 2013

Usual Sunday BS – Checking In / Moving On

It may be Monday but it's still the weekend - yay for Bank Holidays - so I'm putting my Sunday BS together a little late and not starting this week till tomorrow - having a kind of limbo day.

The week just gone
The week started with my son visiting A&E and a frustrating day spent with the NHS.  If one more person tells me they can "understand my frustration" I swear I will scream.  Yet by the end of the week I am feeling calm, rested and present.

I've spent the best (or worst) part of a year checked out - as an onlooker, watching life go on around me and not even touching the sides.  So, what's changed in 7 days?

The lovely ladies in my Storytelling for Change group just understood that this was 'not a good week' and so there was a break from any added responsibility.  In my day job I have become more connected, I feel like I've at last started turning up again, like an invisible line has been drawn under things past and now it just is what it is - no underlying agendas.

And with regard to my son's (and my) health I guess the change has been in attitude.  We've been so busy looking for a label, believing that there could be no 'cure' before that was found.  Why would I find that more frustrating than most?  Because I don't really go for labels, I believe in taking in the whole picture.   I have spent so much time dismantling the pigeon holes in my life that the mere action of creating another box was just so 'wrong'.  So, to move ahead boxes, labels and shoulds have all been thrown out the window.  The focus is on being present - living the way we want to live now.  Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, all around you - sometimes, if not always, the first thing to do is look at what we have.

And in keeping with using what I have - I think I've done enough research to move on as Seth Godin put it "All the information in the world isn't helping you make more stuff.  You have enough.  You should stop."

The whole 'using what you've got' thing is part and parcel of the message behind the birth of this blog and The MacsX - so time to get back to the message and go with it.  And what's going to make this time different to all the other stop starts that have gone in the past.  Belief.  Belief that it just 'is'.

The week’s discoveries/rediscoveries:

Lissa Rankin's Ted Talk

My first 'Ted Talk ' - and there are so many more to see.

Seth Godin's Creative Morning Talk

My Storytelling Video

Here’s to another good week
And to using up lots of stuff


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