Tuesday, 7 May 2013

May The Madness of May Stay With You

The 7th of May will always be May Day to me.  For nostalgic reasons, I already covered here last year, I'm holding on to May Day and holding out for the sunshine - because it will arrive. I Believe.

Looking back to last year I had just launched my 'Green Room' on my website - I done away with my website not long after this as I wanted to work on the whole concept of The MacsX without spending any more money and using what I have, and can, for free.  And here I am 12 months later finally getting round to doing just that.

Continuing on my Free Range Journey I took the personality test at .. and found out that I am an INFP, an Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving.  And loving Pinterest as I do I decided to add a Personality Board to my collection.  I can't quite decide on my favourite...

I'm enjoying the the whole 'No Rules school of business' concept of Free Ranging - and feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Booking a table at the North Kelvin Meadow and thinking about going to Say it Aint Sew at Hillhead Library tonight are two of the actions I've already taken, already getting my Pet Projects under way.  Thinking about going to a craft group is the first step to joining an meeting like minded folk - the follow through is the next big step.

Namaste and Happy May

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