Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A Perfect Day - Wednesdays are for Wishing

Working on recalibrating my GPS when asked about my favourite day one of the first things that springs to mind is Wednesday.  I love Wednesdays because they are 'my' day - Wednesday is the day I get to focus on me and on The MacsX - no 'day job' influence.  It's also the day for wishes, Jamie Ridler offers prompts for Wish Casting Wednesday (not this week because her mum's not well - so let's send all those wishes of love and healing her way today) and Alex Loves often  shows Wednesday Wish Lists (loving the orange over there today).

So if Wednesdays are for wishing, today's wish is for me to work my way through Free Range Human and get this Authentic Abundance Centre up and running.

Making This my Pin for Today

Recent Feedly Finds

(recent highlights from my Feedly Feeds)

Callie at Createavity recommended Craftsy which has been added to my research list for this week.  Also with Carly I'm looking forward to Storytelling for Change - really looking forward to getting my story together and learning about everyone else's.

Wynona Ryder looks as haunting as ever on her Interview Cover over at Trend Council.  I really want to see The Great Gatsby.

I am loving all of the wonderful wisdom over at Tiny Buddha and loving the idea of scheduling Simple Pleasures at Creating Space, Mindful Living.

May all  of your Wishes  come to fruition
In the best way, and at the best time
For You


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