Sunday, 5 May 2013

That was the Week that was - aka the Usual Sunday BS

It's been quite a week.  This was meant to be the week where we got a final diagnosis at the children's hospital and would finally get our lives in order - or so we thought.  Strangely enough I'm sitting here smiling (no alcohol inducement) I guess because I've finally learnt the art of 'letting go', of recognising what I have the power to change, realising what I've got  and saying 'thank you'.

Listening to Gavin De Graw and relaxing.

Reading 'Be A Free Range Human' by Marianne Cantwell and getting my 'free range' on

Crafting a great idea for my House of Pinheiro International Craft Swap - this WILL be completed this week.
Thank you so much Vanessa for your beautiful gifts and your unending patience
I'm loving your craft room over at Simple Fibre Life

Shopping - Is it sad I have been searching for these shoes forever? (used to have a pair just like them)
Marks & Spencer Outlet bargain

My Etsy shop still remains closed - I have been watching the Glasgow Etsy Team from the sidelines and am aiming at attending the June meet and getting back to creativity.   I am working in the background and through the teachings of Marianne (above) I'm looking at relaunching bigger and better.

I am planning on bringing everything together here at When At The MacsX in the not too distant future - dates have been pencilled in my planner.  I am working on being a Free Range Human or should I say freeing my Free Range Human and documenting my journey - I feel some fibre being added to the framework here.

And going full circle I am looking forward to putting my dreams out there and 'Letting Be'.

by Catherine at WhenatheMacsX

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me through this week
(you know who you are
– and if you don’t believe you helped, you did).
Here’s to a Great Week
It starts with a holiday- who could ask for more.

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