Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Birthday To Me

This weekend I created a new board on Pinterest - Building My Wall. I was looking through a Creative Journal I created when it was suggested on my first reading of Simple Abundance and came across a wall I'd drawn.  I created a wall of wishes, the idea being I'd colour in each brick as my wish came true.  Some of the wishes were small - (go to cinema) - and some were a bit bigger (Get an Audi TT).  I've coloured in some of the bricks - still not got the TT and to be honest not sure I want it anymore.  The point I'm trying to get to is I've decided to create a new wall.  Today is my 48th Birthday so the new wall will be 50 wishes I'd like to come true before I'm 50.

As much as this authentic path has made for my increased appreciation of the simpler things not all my wishes    are simpler - the TT is now an M Class

I know I Like Pink but not sure I like it this much...

Looking forward to completing my Free Range Journey
Perhaps not 'completing' but undertaking.

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