Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Usual Sunday BS

Sunday’s almost over it’s been busy and I’m just winding down for the #CBUK tweet chat.  I definitely need some help with my time management as I’m running close to the line.

This week has been eventful in the launch of The First NoRules Creative Runway.  Fashion week for the Craft World (September 18th to 23rd).  It promises to be a whole lot of fun for all participants.   There will be lots more about this in weeks to come.

I came back to some lovely news yesterday – I won the CoatsBest of British Competition with my London’s calling embroidered cushion (apologies for the photo quality – like I said I’m in a rush).

I’ve brought everything together here with google.  I’m hoping life is going to be so much smoother with everything in one place.

After the #CBUK tweet chat last week I had a look at Timely by Demand Force and will be working on sceduling some of my tweets in the future.

I’m working on my digital portfolio and will soon be adding that to my pinterest boards.

All that and I have my fingers crossed for winning the Connecting Design to Stitch gorgeous book at Ct Publishing.

Anyways, with 7 minutes to add links and get this published etc that was the week that was and lots more to come.

Catherine at The MacsX

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  1. Congratulations on your win.It looks well deserved because that cushion's fab!



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