Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My Love of Cushions

Why do I love cushions?  Because they are so easy to make and they're like a 3 dimensional textured blank canvas.  I never really thought about it before but I guess that's a pretty impressive reason for liking/loving something.

London Calling Cushion Collection
My latest cushion collection is being created around my 'London Calling' design.  I took my embroidery design and used my ink jet printer to create a load of panels.  I've added some to blank cushions I already had and am in the throws (as in throw cushion) of creating a number of bright ones like the pink one shown, all using more embroidery and my extensive collection of ribbons.

I really enjoyed seeing my design come together in embroidery, with metallics giving my London Eye an extra dimension.  And seeing the variations that could be made by printing different parts of the piece in colour and black and white added even more fun, adding just as highlight of embroidery thread to some of the panels really brought out the versatility of just one print.

So, intend to spend the rest of the week getting the rest of my cushion collection together.  And putting together a video piece telling the London Calling story.

And my love of cushions - well the poem below sums up just how great cushions are - there's a lot to be said for contentment.

source unknown - content priceless
 Wishing cushy little numbers for all.

Catherine at The MacsX

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