Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Usual Sunday BS - reframing obsession

So, this week I've been working on my cushion collection, I blogged about that here earlier in the week.  I've also been working on my Christmas designs and thinking about my first completely(almost - difficult to craft XBox360 Games and other such high tech doodahs) Handmade Christmas.  There's been a lot of thinking going on and I have enjoyed putting some sketches together with a Christmas Theme in mind.

I've also been working on my new product line for launch in August.  And whilst I have avoided becoming too engrossed in my projects of late, trying to avoid obsession I've found seems to quash creativity.  And so the Pin I found this week led me to reframe my obsession with obsession and to relabel my love of creativity and putting together my new products as dedication - and, so far, that's working out pretty well.

I put together the framework for my Sunday BS while filing my Evernote findings for the week.  This week Lottie of London helped propel me back into my creativity with her blog on Pantone colours for the up and coming season.  I am loving the Ultramarine Green and Tangerine Orange although I know I am personally more likely to flaunt the Olympian Blue and Honey Gold (there really is no escaping those blasted games!).

I'm keeping it short and 'sweet' this week as I'm really getting on with doing more of the same - but hopefully with some photographic evidence for support.

Hope you all have a great week

Catherine at The MacsX

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