Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tuning into the Invisible Stuff - working through the research

One of my first 'Inspirational Quote' Pins

While at least 1 in 4 suffer from some kind of mental health condition and the number of children included in the statistics increases annually what can we do, not necessarily to reduce the statistics, to deal with this modern epidemic.

Whilst looking for information on pseudo seizures I came across a video of Dr Andrew Weil of Big Think Mentor and serendipity brought it back to me again today through Finer Minds, so I thought I should share with you all. 

Dr Andrew Weil

This film is only 4 minutes long and in such a short time raises so many questions - is depression a product of the 21st century? and are we really using our children as guinea pigs?  If we don't know what effects anti depressant drugs have on developing minds - are we doing more harm than good?  

I strongly believe that anti depressants have a place in the whole recovery/coping process.  There have been times where functioning on a day to day basis would not have happened without them. But I believe even more strongly that there has to be a change in the way we manage our mental health.  With a major emphasis on managing and taking responsibility.  

I read a great post by Beth Beulow recently it builds on the premise that we should "view and hold others as whole, capable and responsible."   Because that is what we all are. 

When you suffer from a mental illness like depression it's like a loss of control, a loss of reality and it can scare the bejeesus out of you.  The old 'fight or flight principle' jumps in and we rush for cover and welcome the protection and support of those around us.  You lose faith in yourself and rely on the wisdom of others.  Unfortunately that protection, support and wisdom can so easily take over, our inner light switches off and we are now following someone else's light.  Now this may all seem a bit airy fairy and out there but bear with me.

I believe that depression, stress, anxiety are our body's way of telling us that  something is out of sinc.  Life is not the way we want it to be.  Duh, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, money in the bank - life is what it is, that's life - is it ever the way we want it to be?  I'm talking more about   that something inside that tells you, sometimes just once, but mainly over and over that you are not living "your life".

Does depression breed depression?  As the first episode highlights an imbalance with our values bringing with it the dependence on others, the reliance on their take on values and situations.  This dependence pretty soon dulls the line between our authentic values and theirs and in many ways can enhance our challenges, distancing us even further from our path.  Others decide that we should not be stressed, that we don't need responsibility, no added hassle when in reality those may be the very things that we need.  We need to feel challenged, to feel responsibility - and yes, stress can be a good thing.

It is key that whilst acknowledging help is good and we do not have to cope alone we can take responsibility for and manage our daily coping processes.  For if that management and responsibility are taken away for too long our skills and confidence may be eroded completely.  It's like we've embarked on a vicious cycle and I for one am ready to jump off.

I want to manage my life, I want to have responsibility - I am not broken, in fact, having been there and back and forth again, I could be an invaluable asset.
 I make no secret of my ongoing battle with depression and a very quick skim over the statistics would suggest that in doing so I'm shooting myself in the foot, apparently only 4 in 10 employers would employ someone with a mental health condition in comparison to the 62% that would employ someone with a physical disability.  This could go a long way to explaining why so many of us move toward self employment.

But is that only feeding the problem further?  Perhaps our job should be to educate, actually to show that mental health issues are not only the norm but an awareness of what could be.

If there is a reason for everything I'm hoping the time has come to embrace the reason and make a difference.

It's taken a while but I have found my reason and my difference and I hope that I can help in some way to help others find theirs.  I'm ready to be what I am.
Using what I've got:  Pins I've already collected and skills I forgot I had.

To find the positives I recommend you have a look at: Kind Over Matter; Roots of She; Lissa Rankin - there are so many responsibilitarians out there.

Are you ready to join?
Have a responsible week.



  1. I'm ready to join! Beautifully shared, Catherine - thank you so much.

    "I'm ready to be what I am" ... oh boy! Me too!!!!! Fancy an accountability partner?! x

  2. Thanks Callie. I love the idea of an accountability partner, at the same time scares the bejeesus out of me as it kind of makes it all real! I'll email you soon. Cx



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