Monday, 1 July 2013

Monday is for Making

and Using What We Have

Last week I showed you the beginnings of some luxurious ribbon jewellery. Today I bring you the one piece that is now ready to wear.

Is it just me or is it a 'creative' trait ? - I love the idea and the working out how to transform that idea into reality.  However, half way through the creative process I can already see the end result and seem to have difficulty in distinguishing the fact that seeing the end result is not the same as having the end result in your hands.  Note to self, new rule on the Rules for Creatives with no Rules - #1 "if you start it and blog about it then you MUST  finish it."  i am such a critic of those who do not follow through or maintain momentum - which just goes to show that the flaws we see in others truly are those that lie within.

Something else I said I would do a few months ago was create my own desktop calendar pieces.  In order to bring some accountability to that one I even volunteered my services over at Going Home to Roost.  Whilst as we go to print I haven't completed the final piece for August as it will involve some threaded texture - for July I'm using some Pic Monkey trickery and invite you to download and use July and fill it in for all it's worth - you could even take it over to Pic Monkey and add in your plans for the month.  After all once they're written down they're more likely to come to life.

August will be inspired by the Zen canvas I have at home, colours will vary but the essence will remain the same.

Another thing I'm committing to over the next week is designing a canvas to enter the Pinterest competition on Stratejoy.  I'm aiming to have this ready for Thursday's Thoughtful  Thread.

So, as far as making is concerned I'm committing to a pretty busy time. Between that and compiling pieces for my daily blog posts and getting my Etsy Shop up and running I am looking forward to a creatively busy week.

Pop on over to Handmade Harbour to see what some other Creative Lovelies have been up to - and be inspired.   I've already been inspired over at Highland Monkey, especially loving the recycling element.

What are you committing to this week?


  1. I am exhausted just reading this but also filled with admiration. I wish you luck with all your plans. Your bracelet looks absolutely fab, perfect for summer.

    1. Thanks I'm loving all the bright summer colours - and reminded I need to check on Autumn/Winter - I feel a Pantone trip coming on. Cx

  2. Goodness me talk about a busy bee I don't think I would be able to keep up with you! Have a fab week.

    1. You've already achieved so much - hope your week is fab too. Cx



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