Saturday, 13 July 2013

Surfing Under the Surface - Saturday Sunshine

Surfing Under the Surface

Just the thought of this post title has me plunging into a light blue ocean, completely cool, with the sun glistening on top.  The reality is that I'm not really talking about that kind of surfing.

Surfing in the Sunshine

I got a beautiful comment on my latest post yesterdayYay me, and yay Ann for writing it.  It made me take a little time out.  Clicking on Ann's google+ feed made me realise that I follow Ann's blog because of her style and the beautiful pics she shares but I really don't know much about her.  Now that doesn't mean she hasn't shared who she is or what she does , it's my bad...  I haven't really taken the time to read deeply.  Until now I have been more of a surface skimmer, looking at the lovely pics and picking up on the highlighted words.  It's a habit I have developed over many years but one I am now working on breaking.  How can I create more connection in my life if I don't fully engage?  Are you as engaged as you want to be?

One of my Forgotten Pins

This was repinned this week - how many forgotten pins do you have? - Perhaps that's a whole other post.

Have a great Saturday




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