Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Creative Mornings - Epic Find

I've decided to take some time out each week to check out what's been happening at Creative Mornings, whilst cultivating my plan for gathering my own Creative Collective.

This week I settled down with my cup of tea and my notebook to watch Sharon Montrose and Clare Vivier.  After a few seconds I realised that I had watched this already.  But I decided to stay with it and really listen and learn.

I loved Sharon's honesty with her admittance to epic fails saying that "There's nothing I have done right without doing it wrong first."  I'm kind of hoping that I've turned a corner and can learn from my many fails to date, bringing their numbers down.

With Clare, everything was just so real.  While she spoke I had a quick swatch at her bags and their simplicity and total style left me adding a few to my wish list.  Clare's passion for what she does is so obvious and summed up beautifully when she said "I want to keep doing what I love."

Hope you enjoy their talks as much as I did, and probably will again.

Learn from the fails
Do what You Love


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