Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thursday's Thoughtful Thread - Taxi for McAtier

When I first started writing my blog it was with the intention of recording my journey to authenticity.  I wanted to detail each stage of my developing my creative business and opening my Creative Abundance Centre.

At the outset I created a canvas to represent the beginning of my journey - a London Bus because that's where I first had that aha moment of WHEN will  it all begin, when will I live the life I'm meant to .

I guess it's strange because as much as it may not all have been fun I now believe it was the life I was meant to live because if not for it I wouldn't be here now.

I've come quite a way since that bus journey - more  of a 'taxi' girl now.  And now intending to use Thursday's Thoughtful Thread to chart my route.

Today's addition to my Etsy Shop

Hope you enjoyed today's thoughtful thread.

Catherine at The MacsX

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