Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Thursday's Thoughtful Thread - In the Beginning

I've been doing some reading this week and thinking a lot about what I've been doing with my business.  I feel like I've been on a very long journey and now feel that I am about to take my second step.  Basically I feel like the past couple of years have been a perpetual beginning. And the following quote sums that up:

“Beginnings are always messy.” – John Galsworthy

Tara Gentile's blog brought these words of wisdom

"Have faith in your ability to step back from the work enough to see how the business could succeed without your constant interference." Tara Gentile

And at last I have taken some time to step back, stopped the constant interference and am working on putting the pieces of my story together with a lot of help from Bernadette Jiwa.  The new book from the author of 'The Story of Telling' blog really gets to the grass roots of story telling - I, at last, feel like I've found my story and it's ripe for the telling.

Today's addition to my Etsy Shop - The London Calling Phone Box

I completed the Phonebox using funky Paisley style fabric in the background.  I am contemplating adding London Calling to the canvas - maybe I'll save that for mark II.

So back to work on living the story.

Catherine at The MacsX

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