Sunday, 10 August 2014

It’s Only A Super Moon

As I journey further along the Mindfulness Path and my belief in the Holistic Approach to life is further reinforced I find myself drawn more and more to each full moon. My ever present cynical self questions the whole concept of the moon’s magic.  And my mindful self surrenders to the fact that it is what it is.

Many holistic and creative practitioners put great emphasis on the power of the moon, offering monthly workshops and creative classes.  My beginner mind on this is embracing the ethos of asking a meaningful question each month and very much trusting in ‘everything I want and need coming to me in the perfect way’.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not really a believer in the law of attraction being I put it on a moon board and it will come to me.  But I do believe that vision boards are powerful conduits, especially for the creatives among us who are very much visual learners.  From an early age I have had a strong belief that if I can imagine something, and I can draw it or write it down then the only person preventing it from truly being is me.  And if I can find pictures that reinforce that dream then I’m on the right path.

Jamie Ridler offers a workshop each month – the message of this month’s moon being “You know what your dreams are.  What’s your gut telling you?”  (If you think you’ve missed this magic window apparently the magic sticks around for 3 days either side of the Full Moon).  Anne Hayman, who many of you may know for her gorgeous ‘Indie Lovely’ magazine, offers an e-course on Full Moon Manifesting and has a Virtual Full Moon Ceremony each month – you can check it out on her FaceBook page.

Whatever your feelings about moon cycles – (I’m sure I’ll come back to that when I finish my current read, recommended by Lissa Rankin; Sarah Drew’s Gaia Codex.) – it is a Natural reminder to check in with your dreams and what you’re doing about living them on a daily basis.  And if you are in any doubt of the magic that's been surrounding this weekend the largest Global synchronised meditation for World Peace took place and I am still feeling the love.

So what are your dreams – and is your gut happy with them?


Catherine x

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