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Am I a Suitcase Entrepreneur? - 30 Day Blog Challenge

I already sorted my label out and it didn't involve a suitcase.  And I don't know I've never really been comfortable with the 'entrepreneur' label.  Why?  Because I equate it with money and sharp suits, and then I think Richard Branson, barefoot and Necker Island - and am forever reminded that there are no rules and stereo types are just that, stereo types.

So I'm getting things in order and taking on the 30 Day Blog Challenge - 30 days to 'create freedom in business and adventure in life.  Initially I'd intended carrying this one through to September and giving myself those 30 days to put it all together.  Not being one to stick with a method if a better one comes along I've decided to do a bit of cramming - I was always good at that - and cram those 30 days into 9.  Which means at least 3+ challenges per day.  I did want this blog to be a chronicle of how I put my business together so here goes the fast track version - starting with challenges 1-4.

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

TODAY’s challenge: Write a post on why you started your blog, who you wanted to reach, what you wanted it to be all about. Then state why you joined this blog challenge and what you want to get out of it.

The first post I published was back in November 2011 where I suggested that it was All Coming Together.  I started my blog to bring all my 'authentic work' together.  I wanted to create a place for like minded creatives to meet, share and connect.  I wanted it all to be about creativity, design and realising that everything we want and need comes to us in the 'perfect' way. And ultimately I wanted it to bring all my creativity together in one place.

So why did I join in the challenge?  Basically because I haven't achieved what I wanted to do with my blog - part of that may be my not realising what that goal really was until I just wrote it down.  Maybe more having lost sight of the initial goal, I kind of got caught up in the connections and drawing inspiration from all the great creative bloggers out there.

What do I want to get from this?  To end the 30 days with a specific and clear journey in progress, having created order, routine and a blue print for the future.  Order and routine are not necessarily ingrained creative characteristics but in order to live my authentic life, in line with my core values, order and routine are key.  Especially with our daily realities.

Originally used in a Sunday BS Post

30 day challenge

Day 2 of the challenge

1. Write a response blog post to this question:
If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

When I wake up tomorrow I will be free to do anything I want with my life.  This is how every day begins.  Why do I choose to do the things I feel I should do rather than what I (I'm reading Stephen King on Writing and am trying to rid my writing of 'really'.) want to do?

Until now, a major reason for this is that I didn't know what I wanted.  I'd figured out what I didn't want.  I didn't want to work for someone else - yet continue to do that on a daily basis.  I didn't want to sit at the same desk, doing the same thing day in and day out - I may have cut the number of hours and days I do my day job but I still do the desk thing.  Before I beat myself up beyond recognition I will stop here because what I don't want is not what I want and is therefore not the subject, and not on the radar.

Today we are talking about what I want to do.  I want to work for myself.  Now there's a really broad answer.  Doing what?  Being creative. Again with the broad answer? I want to help people find their creativity and leadership potential and most importantly their authenticity.  I want to help those that want to be helped find their authentic fit in life. 

Be the Best You, You Can Be
And as for part 2 of the question, I haven't put all this work in to be anyone else but me.

On to Day 3.
30 day challenge

1. Write a response blog post to this question:
What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?
Top Tip: You can carry on from Day 2 and the work you did around clarifying what you could do if you could do anything at all.

Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life are one in the same.  I spent many years in my life playing different roles and keeping part of my life in separate compartments.  I have learned through hours of counselling and finding my authenticity that compartmentalisation is not an option.
My definition of freedom in business and adventure in life


30 day challenge

Day 4 - And look how far I've Come

1. Write a response blog post to this question:
What is your definition of location independence?

I don't know that location independence is what I crave most.  In fact I know it isn't.  My location independence is not being tied to a mortgage with the option to pack up and move at a month's notice.

This means that I cannot make that rash decision which I will later regret and it means there is time to prepare some kind of plan.  Don't get me wrong I'm all for spontaneity and running off to Paris at the drop of a hat should the right offer arise. (who ever done anything at the drop of a hat?) But my life needs some kind of structure and routine, or at least it does for now.

I'm going to go all new aged here and say, For me Location Independence is more about being able to work in my own space and not in some battery hen like environment.  And my own space is free from any falsely imposed restrictions, a no rules environment.  And my own space is wherever I choose to be.  And in case you didn't get it I like my own space.  It has taken years for me to be this comfortable in my own space and I am not giving it up for anything.  Don't have to, it's portable and I take it with me wherever I go.  The old 'Dirty Dancing' scene comes to mind here 'this is my space'.  It's not necessarily very big but it's home.

In working my way through this blogging challenge I find myself smiling at how far I've already come on this journey.  Since I decided to use what I've got I'm realising just how lucky I am, I hadn't realised just how much I had.

A little deep digging is worthwhile when it uncovers stuff you forgot was there.

30 day challenge
Perhaps not a Suitcase Entrepreneur
more of
An Authentic Champion

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