Sunday, 27 April 2014

Monday - Making Pretty

Monday again already.  And I’ve been a little busy.  I did some editing in my studio area – and yes, there are more pom poms.  I’m feeling more organised and am staying in a good place.

Making My Studio Area Pretty with Pom Pom Flowers

I’ve done some work on the third broom on AnnaKunnecke’s Queen Sweep and I am definitely polishing that crown.  This week was closet week and Rebecca McLoughlin’s advice re asking what your body says about things was a pretty quick way of clearing out my closet – there was a whole lot of ‘bleh’ going on.  I’ve got a before picture but haven’t quite got to the ‘after’ yet.

The Closet Before The Sweep

After sweeping this week’s broom I have come  to the conclusion that my closet has potential, it needs to be appreciated more for what it can do and it is not broken but has lost it’s way a little – I’ll bring you the after picture next week.

Today I embark on my third week with Oprah and Deepak ‘finding my flow’.  I’m getting a lot out of meditating every day, it’s helping loads with my internal spring clean.  Whilst watching The Good LifeProject interview with Marie Forleo and learning Marie started meditating at 17 I too was perplexed with the question of ‘why don’t they teach this in school?’  But that really is a whole other post and more of a ‘Thoughtful Thread’  post – a whole new thread – I’ll be introducing in May.

Also coming up in May I’m planning on taking part in the Me Made May, finally showing my work.  And my other May thing will be Mindful in May – keeping up the meditation.  Getting lots done and staying chilled.
Hope you all have a productive and sweeping week.


Catherine x

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