Sunday, 9 December 2012

Usual Sunday BS

It seems an odd time of year to be getting back to normality but that's kind of how I'm feeling today.  With the added cosiness of my Christmas tree and decorations in the background.

It's been a time of planning and decision making at The MacsX this week.

Danielle LaPorte launched her Desire Map this week along with a great Facebook community feeling and a well needed step back for me to figure out what it is I've really been trying to do here.

In my never ending journey across the world's blogosphere Finer Minds introduced me to Candy Chang and her beautiful community work with 'Before I die I want to_______________', a truly thought provoking piece. I love her quote 'I trust a city that always makes way for music' - a great description of New Orleans (a place on my bucket list).

So I've decided to close my Etsy Shop for the holidays as of tomorrow and spend the time rejigging everything including my blog space.  I'm looking forward to a clean sweep for 2013.

Here's to a fun and productive week.

Catherine at The MacsX

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